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You, the customer, give consent to Realesta LLC to collect, hold, disclose, and use your personal information submitted through the Realesta LLC website. This consent is given by registering your contact details, or by engaging in other forms of electronic communication with Realesta LLC. Under this data protection policy, no further consent is required. If registered, you may modify your data at any time by contacting Customer Service. Your consent to the storage and the processing of your data can be revoked at any time by contacting Customer Service.


Realesta LLC processes, discloses, holds, and uses your data and information securely, fairly, and lawfully by US federal laws and the laws of the state of Florida. Such processing is carried out electronically and automatically. Realesta LLC uses any personal data submitted through the website for enabling customers to purchase a property through Realesta LLC as Real Estate Broker; market research with the goal of improving the website and product range; keeping customers informed about Realesta LLC' market activities, events, and services; and delegating repairs or other logistical tasks to third parties. Data will not be passed on to any other third parties outside Realesta LLC in a way that could be used to identify you without prior notification and consent. Your data is collected, held, and used by Realesta LLC (4000 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 555-S, Hollywood, FL 33021), which is responsible for the management of personal information. Consent is given to the disclosure, holding, and use of information by our affiliates.



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