What is a Buyer's Advocate?

When using the services of a Buyers Advocate, it’s like working with a ‘professional helping hand’ who can guide you through the process of buying your home.


Known by a number of different names, such as Property Advocate, Real Estate Buyers Advocate, Property Buyer’s Agent or Buyer’s Representative, the important aspect of this role is to support you through the complete property purchase process.


Just as a Listing Agent acts exclusively for the person selling the property, a Buyers Agent or Buyers Advocate works exclusively with the person buying the property to get the best outcome for you.


With years of experience acting as a Buyers Agent, we understand South Florida’s complex property market. We will work with you to ensure you buy the right property that meets all your needs, at the right price.


Realesta Buyers Advocates are Licensed Real Estate Agents and meet Florida Licensing Requirements.

Why use a Buyer's Advocate?

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