Why use a Buyer's Advocate?

Many people buy a house without the professional help of a Buyers Advocate. While you may be lucky enough that everything works out, unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. At Realesta Buyers Advocates, we understand that buying a home is often the most significant purchase you will make and we want to ensure you limit any mistakes especially the costly ones.


Consider this – when selling a property, the majority of people engage a listing qualified Real Estate Agent and a Vendor Advocate who understands their property, the values in the area and negotiates for a living. They do this to maximize their selling price. It makes sense when you purchase a property to engage professional representation to help you through the process and maximize your outcome – buying the right property at the right price.


A Buyers Agent or Buyers Advocate acts solely for you, the purchaser, and has extensive experience dealing with real estate agents in Florida. At Realesta Buyers Advocate, our team can recognize the agent’s priorities and motives, and fully identify a property’s strengths and weaknesses.


We can also source and negotiate the purchase of off-market properties, the ones that often transact quietly, and that most buyers will never hear about. This is more common than you may think, particularly in the upper end of the real estate market.

What is a Buyer's Advocate?

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